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About PooPool poop-icon

Just a few guys excited about the Cardano movement. Feel free to check out our pool on ADApools or PoolTool.

Want to learn how to delegate, more about Cardano, or talk about crypto in general? Then join the Discord!

Frequently Asked Questions poop-icon

Cardano, ADA, and staking?

Cardano is the name of a decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. Cardano is public, open source, developer friendly, fast and inexpensive to transact with.

ADA is the native token of the Cardano blockchain. ADA is the token you purchase at an exchange, Cardano is the platform/project/blockchain name.

Staking ADA is the (fast and easy) process of delegating your ADA to a Staking Pool to earn rewards. Delegating and Staking are interchangeable in this context.

Is it risky, will my ADA be locked?

No! There is no risk staking your ADA. Cardano was designed using a Proof-of-Stake mechanism to validate transactions. As such, it was designed so that there is NO risk to anyone staking their ADA. You NEVER lose control of your ADA. You never provide your private keys to anyone.

Staking your ADA does NOT lock it up for any period of time. You are free to use/send/spend it at any point.

How and why to stake

In order to Stake your ADA, you first need a wallet that supports delegation/staking. The two official wallets are Yoroi and Daedalus. Both of these wallets support staking. Yoroi is lightweight, fast, easy and available on mobile. Yoroi wallet is recommended for beginners. Daedalus is a heavier wallet, it syncs the entire blockchain and is recommended for advanced users. ALWAYS back up your recovery phrase. NEVER give it to any site, person, pool operator or anyone else. You will be robbed.

After you have an official wallet installed, send your ADA to your new wallet. When you have received your ADA, go to the Delegate tab in the wallet. You will see thousands of pools, next to their names will be a Delegate button. You press that. You have delegated your ADA to that pool.

Why Stake? Why Not? There is no risk with staking ADA. If you stake your ADA, you will earn approximately 5% per year, paid every 5 days. The 5 day periods are known as Epochs.

Which pool should I delegate to?

To decide which pool you want to delegate to can be intimidating. As a general rule, pools will pay around the same amount in the long term. It is around 5% per year, with auto compounding rewards. Obviously, we suggest delegating to our pool, POOP - PooPool.org However, you can delegate to any pool, at any time. Be advised: after delegating to any pool, there is a 2 FULL epoch waiting time. That means if you delegate to POOP and want to change to ESP, there will be 2 full epochs before you are in pool ESP. This is to prevent pool abuse.

So, what makes a good pool? A pool with good uptime. At this time, saturation of an ADA pool is 63M ADA. That means after a pool reaches 63 million ADA, it will start to produce less rewards. Ideally, you want a pool that is well below saturation, has excellent uptime and enough ADA to mint blocks.

The numbers you see from ADApools.org or PoolTool.io can be confusing or misleading. Small stake pools need approximately 1.3 Million ADA staked to mint a block every epoch (5 days). Pools with less than 1.3M ADA staked will eventually mint blocks and over time, still achieve 5% rewards for you, assuming uptime is good. Large stake pools may mint several blocks per epoch, in the long term, the delegators will still earn approximately 5%.

Some stake pools have high fees and some have low fees. It is best to make your decision based on common sense. Low or no fee (0-1%) pools may be using 0% to lure delegators in, only to raise the fee % later. Running a stake pool is not free, servers and time are not free. Choosing a pool with a reasonable fee is suggested. Reasonable to us is 3-5%.

PooPool uses a 2.8% fee with no surprises. If we can lower that fee later, we will. We will NOT raise the fee above 2.8%, ever. ALL pools have a minimum pool fee of 340 ADA. This is subracted from the minted block, not your ADA. Your ADA is always safe.

On that note, NO pool operator can steal your ADA. You do not give the pool control of your private keys, you only give the network permission to validate transactions with your stake.

The pool's pledge amount is a debated topic in the stake pool community. PooPool has a 100,000 ADA pledge. Some people feel a low pledge is indicative of a stake pool operator's motives being purely financial. Meanwhile, other people think that having a pledge over 50,000 ADA exposes too much risk to the stake pool operator. Both of those could be true or false, depending on who you ask.

A pledge of 100K ADA is said to be well above average for a small stake pool with single operator.

What is a block and an epoch?

Blocks are verified transactions that return a reward. Each block the pool mints, adds to the overall pool rewards for that epoch. Rewards are the ADA you earn from staking/delegating your ADA. When you stake your ada, you are helping the network confirm transactions. Each transaction on Cardano uses ADA. Each transaction costs a small amount of ADA (typically 0.17ADA). The transaction fees are then rewarded to stake pools, in the form of minting blocks. The minted blocks are automatically divided and shared to the delegators. You do not need to do anything to claim rewards. You can withdrawal them or leave them to grow, compounding your ~5%.

All epochs are 5 days. Everyone's epochs begin and end on the same days, at the same time. Rewards are automatically sent at 14:44:51 [Az Time], every 5th day from the last epoch.

Staking calculator

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PooPool Notice

The annualized equivalent returns given by this calculator assumes that your stake is delegated to POOP for a 365-day period, and that the stake pool performance is consistent over that timeframe.

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